Welcome To The Falcon School Mardan

The Falcon school in its effort to become the leading institute of this region is striving towards achievement of quality. The guiding principles for quality assurance are being replicated from the HEC, quality manual set for higher education. It is a fact that processes in higher education vary from basic schooling and the pre-requisite stage of higher education, yet processes remain the same. We take our intellectual guidance from various sources available at hand. With the shift in paradigm for education, the whole idea of educating a child has changed. However with shifts, we regrettable, maintain a status quo. Even if we intend to progress, we always follow and never initiated a leaders position

Mission Statement

soon be published

Vision Statement

Lead the academia though adaption, innovation, compliance. Augmenting intellectual capacity of the knowledge economy.


Sultan Mohammad sets 9th of April as Result Day and announces “Parents Teachers Meetings” from 10 A.M to 4 P.M. Only Parents or Guardian would be entertained. Your children would be promoted to the next classes if they qualify the exams. Next session would start on the 11th of April. Books and copies must be arranged by then. Our next session is planned to take us high up to newer standards of academic excellence. We hope you and your child are ready for an experience of life time.
We Claim and stand firm on being the best school in Town.
Sultan Mohammad
Winter vacations will commence from 25th December till 3rd January. School will reopen after winter vacations on the 4th of January (Monday). Homework for each class can be downloaded from the following URL = "http://www.thefalconschool.com/classes-home-work-record/"
The day will be celebrated with vigor and enthusiasm. Students can come in home dresses. It will be a day off for class Nursery and Kinder Garten. All class teachers must give in two entries for Naat.
It is notified through this notice to all faculty and students that the second term exam will commence on the 1st of December.